We've designed the most awesome calender app, ever.

Now we need your help to build it!


We are going to compete with the two current established giants in this space, because we think we can do it better. Google Calendar & Outlook Calendar miss out on all the other publicly available events that need to be searchable from within your calendar.

That is where we want to break down those rigid calendar walls and extend them with the world of local events happening in people's free time. Besides that, we want to make the calendar more social and interactive!


This is the home screen of our calendar! Because of the easy lay-out it gives you a chill view. Yet, it gives you so much information at one glance!

Next to that, the user can navigate through the most important features of the app very easily with the button bar below.

Super social

We have made event sharing with social groups ridiculously easy! In the event overview you can see which of your friends/connections are going and instantly send messages to them.

It's also very easy to add more people to the event in the attendees menu.

Do stuff!

Do you have an empty space in your calendar and want something to do? We want to build a database of events in our calendar!

This way our users always have something fun to do and never have to be bored again!

Besides these features we offer a lot more to make our calendar app unique!

We want you!

Our team lacks a strong technical background needed to build and maintain the application. That is why we are looking for (a) enterprising mobile app or hybride developer(s) that brings our start-up to a higher level by helping with the realization of our product.

This person(s) needs to be able to think abstractly and willing to overcome challenges over and over. We believe that this willingness of overcoming these challenges is critical in what we search in someone’s character. This is because, we have encountered some and have overcome them each time, but this requires some patience and “willingness” to do.

The concept is worked out in all the details and ready for development. Of course, we really appreciate your opinion and your ideas are more then welcome! So if you come up with ideas how to improve the product even more, do not hesitate to share them with us.

We have huge plans for our product and we think it's a concept which can conquer the world. If you, and maybe a friend of you as well, are interested in working with us, please contact us through the contact form or give us a call. We will meet in person and give you more information about the app. If you don't not like the concept no hard feelings of course, but if you join our small team you will of course become co-owner of the product and become part of something big!

We hope to hear from you soon!!

Who are we?

Yvo van Oosterum

Yvo is currently studying multimedia design. He is constantly busy with thinking about new opportunities in media world. Because of this he got the idea in the summer of 2013 to make his own application when he noticed that there were so many things that could be added to the regular calendar applications to improve it.

What motivates Yvo?
He likes to explore the boundaries of what is possible and always challenge existing principles. Yvo is always on the look out for the latest trends and a way to incorporate this into his newest ideas. He wants to connect people and technology together using out-of-the box ideas and challenging current existing barriers.

Adrien-Joseph Le Clef

Adrien has a Master’s degree in Finance & Investments. In doing this degree, he participated in many extracurricular activities organizing social activities and setting up organisations from the bottom up. Next to that he is currently an Inside Sales Associate at a High Growth Tech startup in which he needs to find creative ways to land enterprise accounts in a very competitive industry.

What motivates Adrien?
The ability to touch a lot of people’s lives somehow and make it just a bit better, more efficient and potentially more fun. I believe there are a ton of events out there that people want to do, but just do not know about and therefore are missing out on. Lastly Adrien is motivated by targets and hitting a certain number as his career in sales reflects → getting to that certain amount of active users, finding them, nurturing them and multiplying them exponentially.


Are you interested? Please feel free to call us on: +31618482729, or contact us through the contact form


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